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Customer Grievance Redressal Framework
Last Updated on May 16, 2019
The Customer Grievance Redressal Framework defines the operating guidelines for handling customer queries and complaints at Payoro Communication OPC Pvt Ltd
Customer Service Support:-
Level 1
(a) Call Us
We have a Contact Center set up where a customer can customber Care IVR +919470483504 to block their account or report any suspicious activity/transaction, the support is available 365 days in a year from 7 am till 11 pm.
For Customer Complaints where ticket number is generated the period of resolution is 7 Business Days.
(b) Mail Us
Customer can also email their queries, suggestions, feedback or complaints at
Level 2
Grievance Redressal
We aims to resolve all complaints at the first point of contact. In case customer doesn’t get a satisfactory resolution to their query/complaint at Level 1 they can get in touch with the Grievance Officer with ticket number and details of grievance.
(a) Mail Payoro Wallet
Email at
Working Hours: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM (except National Holiday)
Turn-around-Time: 10 Business days from the Date of Receipt.
Postal at payoro communication (OPC)Pvt LtdAt-Erka Amba kutumba Aurangabad Bihar 824111 U74999BR2017OPC035840
Customber Care No: +919470483504
1. Where the complainant has communicated his acceptance of the company’s decision on redressal of grievance communicated by grievance redressal; or
2. Where the complainant has not communicated his acceptance of the company’s decision, within 7 days from the date of communication of decision by Level 1 or Level 2 or Level 3, as the case may be.
Banking Ombudsman
Customer Grievance Redressal Framework